About The Cauldron

What began as an idea, two guys, and Kickstarter has now become an international success story, bringing magic (cough science cough) to thousands of non-magical beings around the world.  We are a scrappy collective of experts in hospitality, technology, and design, who have come together to create an immersive experience that elicits feelings of nostalgia,  wonderment, and excitement!  Read more about our wizards, and how to join our team.

Our mission is to make magic real using science, technology, and design-- what we call "The Magic of Things."  Whilst we aren't associated or affiliated with any specific fantasy text (read our disclaimer for more), we strive to actually produce whatever can be made real from fantasy books, movies, tv shows, and video games in a mashup of ideas called The Cauldron Experience.

As a pop-up experience, we follow principles from the Lean Startup Methodology to quickly bring you a progressively better product.   Our first pop-up in London welcomed over 15,000 aspiring mages in a 5-month, sold out run.  Now that we have product validation and user feedback, we are scaling up, out, and internationally (broomstick in hand)!  We recently opened our American Flagship in New York City— a two-story molecular cocktail bar, gastropub, and magical cocktail experience.