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Equity for Magic® & The Cauldron®'s Origins

Three years ago I emigrated to the UK in order to get an idea out of my head and into the world. It was an idea that had quickly consumed virtually all of my headspace, and once it was fully formed would not leave.  I had an obsessive need (and growing excitement) to make the idea happen before someone else did. My inner kid was internally screaming at my adult self to do it: "Bring your childhood dream to life. Choose imagination. Leap."

I moved to London, met my (now) co-founder Dave, and together we created The Cauldron®.  Our idea—to bring the magic from fantasy books to life with science, technology, and design in a real-world London pub—has become a profitable (since day 1), high-growth, scalable business that has welcomed over 300,000 guests in 4 cities across 3 counties in just 2 years. It’s a company that employs some of the most creative, talented, and hard working people I know, who continually add to the vision and shape the direction of our product.

The Cauldron Investment Community

Having thoroughly validated the product and market, we are now getting ready to build our London Flagship—a venue in the heart of London where magic comes to life before your eyes and importantly, with your participation. It is going to become one of London's top destinations and the most magic wand-interactive venue in the entire world.  In doing this, we’ve decided to open our company for investment from our customers and people around the world who believe in what we do.

We've announced Equity for Magic®, where we are turning our customers into owners in our first ever investment round.  We take inspiration from those masters of mayhem at BrewDog—James and Martin—and are crowdfunding equity investment in our company.  What they have done with the craft beer community is truly extraordinary, and we try to model ourselves and our actions after people and companies that excel in their core vision.  Our mission is “to bring fantasy to life with science, technology, and design, and to create an inclusive community of people who believe that magic is possible⁠—it’s just a matter of perspective.”  We want you involved.

Up until this point we have not taken any external investment; we’ve bootstrapped The Cauldron® and its growth through the company’s profits.  Being resourceful is the hallmark of every startup, and we’ve had to be especially scrappy to bring the company to its current global footprint.  We are now ready to scale and want to bring the fantasy fandom into our story.

Equity for Magic

As a former teacher and fantasy fiction geek with enough engineering and software knowledge to be dangerous, the most fun part of our company is our “magicineering®" studio where we use engineering to bring magic to life.  We dream up, develop, and manufacture things that do not exist anywhere else in the world, and which we use in our venues to bring fantasy to life. 

The Magic of Things

These are things like capacitive touch magic wands that work with your Google Home assistant, self-stirring soup bowls, drinks that pour via magic wand, and floating everything. It’s an adult playground of which Willy Wonka would be proud. We’ve got a 3D printing farm, laser cutting machines, electronics studio, and prop-making workshop. That studio, which is called The Magic of Things®, is a mix of hardware and software engineers, prop and set designers, and experts in hospitality. We take ideas from our imagination and make them happen.

We hope you will consider joining us as a shareholder in The Cauldron® Co. through Equity for Magic®.  Our singular mission is to create something that our community loves and to bring magic to life—it’s just a matter of perspective.  Join our story!

The value of investments can go down as well as up and invested capital is at risk.  Financial promotion approved by RW Blears Ventures Limited (FCA No. 610217)
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