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Looking past these dark and troubling times

13 Spells & Protective Charms we are placing over The Cauldron®

At The Cauldron®, we are excited and prepared for the re-opening of our bars and restaurants around the world, and would like to share some key things that we are doing to keep our customers safe from dark magic while within our walls.


13 Spells & Protective Charms we are placing over The Cauldron®

1. All staff wearing masks and gloves
2. Cashless payments only
3. One broomstick between tables
4. Single-use menus and potion instructions
5. Magic wand disinfection between every use
6. Easily accessible hand sanitizer stations
7. Surface cleaning every 15 minutes
8. Reduced furniture to help social distancing
9. Adjusted booking times for less overlap between customers
10. Robes are optional and new robes are available for purchase and take home (while robe supplies last)
11. Paper straws and disposable cups available
12. Physical screens between tables
13. Staff monitoring capacity at all times

Upon arrival and before entry, we may require each member of your party to submit their information to facilitate effective contact tracing should it prove necessary.  This information will only be shared with the relevant government body in the event of a public health crisis.

As a seated and ticketed experience, we are in a strong position to offer you a fun, safe, and socially distanced activity with your fellow witches and wizards.  Our aim is, and has always been, to bring magic into the world.  We feel this mission more strongly now more than ever⁠—we all could use a little pick me up.

We hope you will join us for a well-deserved cuppa in a warm, safe, and clean environment!

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