General Manager- The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience

Food Service, London

We are hiring a General Manager (GM) to take over day-to-day operations of The Cauldron Magical Experience, the most magical cocktail experience in all of London! The ideal candidate will develop an in-depth knowledge of our venue and experience, will be able to anticipate potential issues, and deftly work toward speedy resolutions. We’re looking for a self-motivated professional who aims to grow within the company as we expand. You will be responsible for hiring floor and bar staff, training new recruits, ordering supplies and ingredients, overseeing day-to-day operations, ensuring our guests have a memorable experience and enforcing company policies.

The ideal candidate not only has the industry experience in the pub and restaurant industry, but is creative, collaborative, and tenacious. Growth mindset is a must.

This is a full time role

Reporting to: Reports to the UK Operations Manager, who in turn reports to the COO.  Will be trained by the company’ Expansion Consultants and work one-on-one with them as part of ongoing professional development.

Time requirements: The position is offered on a full-time basis for service including a half day of admin day per week.

Purpose of the role: The General Manager will oversee all service based operations in regards to the The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience. It will be your responsibility to maintain company's high standards, ensure our guests have a memorable experience and enforce company policies where necessary.

Main Duties will include:


  • Maintain venue operations, the general experience and the atmosphere during service

  • Day-to-day runnings and maintenance. Adhere to company regulations and recommended service formats/procedures in order to deliver the high end product our patrons have come to expect from The Cauldron.

  • Facilitate the appropriate “magical atmosphere” created by the staff and venue.

  • Oversee maintenance of all pub equipment and keeps accurate inventory of alcohol and food items.


  • Stock management and purchasing recommendations to be submitted to the UK Operations Manager

  • CGS checks and par-level maintenance; purchasing recommendations to be submitted to the UK Operations Manager

  • Oversight on all opening and closing procedures

  • Properly scheduled bartenders and barbacks, and monitors bar speed of service during events. Coaches bartenders as needed.  Keeps alcohol in safe, clean, and organized storage areas, and ensures that pub is clean and tidy.


  • Manage staff in all aspects of their daily service routines

  • Have an in depth knowledge of all roles performed within the venue  

  • Hire staff when necessary (in conjunction with staff members reporting to)

  • Ensure that staff adhere to company policies and procedures, taking appropriate disciplinary procedures if/where necessary

  • Ensure staff are clocked in and out and are arriving on time


  • Internal cash handling systems are adhered to and all transactions are reported and accounted for each day.

  • Ability to manage and demonstrate proven results with liquor costs, labor and controllable expenses. Good with data and Excel.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 2+ years experience in managing and operating fast-paced hospitality experiences

  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule, and weekends

  • Comfortable engaging with customers in a calm, happy, and productive way

Preferred qualifications:

  • 4+ years industry experience

  • Has worked as a bartender for a number of years and has extensive understanding of bar equipment

  • Proficiency with Excel or Sheets, Xero or QuickBooks

  • Has an aptitude for learning and using new software needed for job

  • A creative and imaginative problem-solver


The Cauldron values diversity in any way that it can be defined. Come as you are! We welcome any qualified applicant. We want to build the best team possible and if that includes you, please get in contact!

Interested applicants should email us at

Please include your name and CV/Link to relevant professional website or profile