Collaboration Concoctions

Our mission is to make magic real using science, technology, and design

We highlight the science of fermentation, confectionery, and botany through collaborations with brewers, distillers, vintners, chocolatiers, and growers.  Our line of collaboration concoctions uses ingredients found in real magical history to bring you original products that are creative, refreshing, and tasty.  Some products are location-specific. Can you try them all? 


Four Cauldrons- a fantasy craft beer from Fourpure Brewing Co.

The Cauldron Magical Experience & London's Fourpure Brewing Co have teamed up to design a craft beer inspired by the fantasy world.  We've dubbed this beer "Four Cauldrons."  It is inspired by a witch or wizard's most essential tool: the magic wand.  Four Cauldrons has a base of wand wood-- in this case oak-- and a core of ingredients used in magical history-- coriander, ginger, and vanilla.  Patrons who come to The Cauldron Magical Experience will pour themselves a pint of Four Cauldrons using their own magic wand and experience this limited edition brew for themselves.

Four Cauldrons was made using the input and feedback from a focus group of London's fantasy fans, which as held at Fourpure's brewery in Bermondsey.  

Artboard 3@2x.png

Magical Greenhouse- an indoor grow room from London Grow

Our London venue has a Magical Greenhouse, which was designed and built by London Grow, the city’s premiere horticulture and indoor growing specialists.  The greenhouse uses aeroponics and hydroponics to grow the botanicals used throughout the experience and real magical and carnivorous plants, such as Mandrakes, Foxglove, Monkey Jars, and Venus Flytraps.  It's inspired by Culpeper's Complete Herbal, a book about botany from 1653 that has served as a guide for fantasy authors.

Magical Greenhouse

Chocolate Skulls- handmade artisan truffles

We work with Diggle Chocolates to offer a range of chocolate skull truffles for use in the Magical Experience and for sale in our gift shop.  All chocolates are the creation of Philippa Diggle, a Cordon Bleu-trained chocolatier based in London.  Seasonal varieties available.

Chocolate Skulls