GoFundMe Donors

So far we've raised $2,357 of our $6,000 goal!

The names of our GoFundMe Donors will listed here and handwritten on a banner that we take to each location where we pop up!  When we have our permanent pub, your name will also be included there in some creative way.  GoFundMe Donors will also be asked to submit a moving photo for our walls!  Funds from the GoFundMe will be used to improve our technology, purchase a mic to create a podcast, and keep me fed while I devote my full attention to the project.

Rebecca Wetton | Niall O'Sullivan | Ranjeet Chadha | Jane Morley | Sageanne Senneff | Annalisa Pittari |Meghan Hussey | Ian Porter | Allison Martin | Rebecca Kahn-Witman | Monica Lubranou | Alice Hoang | Annie Siraut | Hannah Kahn | James Lewsey | Anne Irwin | Kevin Tan | Katie Schuler | Anna Matke | Stephen & Diana Alsobrook | Eryn Eby | James Cash | Tamara Schuller | David Kim | Mara Gerber | John Martin | Lauren Valentine | Erin Osborne




Book Donation

Visitors to The Cauldron are encouraged to bring with them a copy of their favorite childhood book, which will be donated to a reading classroom in need through a charitable organization to build robust classroom libraries and support a new generation of young readers.


Our podcast, “The Magic of Things,” documents the process of founding and growing a tech company that is focused on making magic come to life with tech, science, and design.  It will take our listeners from Kickstarter project to Magical Hackathon to opening day, and keep you involved as we build something extraordinary. 

“The Magic of Things” will highlight stories and people who are making this idea possible.  If you are building something cool or have a story to tell, please tell us about it!

Share your ideas!

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Please share an idea or two. We want your input as we build and design The Cauldron.

Got ideas about what The Cauldron should have or the way in which certain types of magic may be possible? Maybe 3D models of fantasy coins? Recipes? Sketches? Spells? Cool tech that is already out there? We need your ideas!  This idea belongs to a generation of readers, and you should have input. We will design The Cauldron by keeping in mind what the fantasy fandom wants to see and how they want to see it.






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