Is the design and imagineering studio behind The Cauldron that brings fantasy to life with science, technology, and design.

Our collective of engineers, prop and set designers, and experts in hospitality are creating interactive experiences in food & beverage that immerse, entertain, and delight.


COVID-19 & The Magic of Things

We are an engineering company with two laser cutting machines and a 3D printing farm, and we've been reading inspirational stories of companies like ours who are helping their communities through this crisis.  To that end and to begin with, we've committed to making 1,000 face shields with our laser cutting machines, which we will send to UK first responders. 

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We know that these are not as good as what one might get from a medical device supplier, but we think it's probably better than nothing in a real health crisis where there is a shortage of face shields.

We don't yet know which organisation will be the recipient of these masks, but we are going to start to manufacture them and then figure that out later.  We are also giving our online shoppers the opportunity to pitch in £1 to help us increase that production.  If for some reason we do not use that money for face shields, it will be donated to a UK charity focused no assisting in the COVID-19 crisis.

If you know of another way we can assist here or are in need to 3D printing or laser cutting to help manufacture devices for this crisis, please shoot us an email at


Our Methodology

As the creator of the original Cauldron pop-up experience and self-funded startup, we follow principles from the Lean Startup Methodology to quickly create a progressively better product.  

Knowing that something works is good, but knowing why something works is great; understanding user motivations and preferences allows us to arrive at something that people love.  Our studio has the team members, expertise, and equipment to quickly bring a concept from idea to prototype, and into the hands of patrons for user testing in a feedback loop.  Once we iterate through different versions of a product, we can begin small-scale manufacturing and roll that product out and into our venues around the world. 

We encourage our team to operate with a Growth Mindset and learn from failure, as it is often times more instructive than success.