Who we are

The Magic of Things® is the research and development arm of The Cauldron® Co., a British technology entertainment studio that brings fantasy to life through science, technology, and design.

The Magic of Things® is responsible for the creation, design, and implementation of The Cauldron®'s retail products and immersive hospitality experiences around the world.  The studio's design philosophy is that of "magicineering®"—a term they use to describe their founding principle of bringing magic to life through engineering.

We are always hiring good talent, including both full-time, part-time, and interns.  If you think you are a good fit for our team, please email us at helloworld@themagicofthings.io.

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Our Methodology

As the creator of the original The Cauldron® pop-up experience and as a self-funded startup, we follow principles from the Lean Startup Methodology to quickly create a progressively better product.  

Knowing that something works is good, but knowing why something works is great; understanding user motivations and preferences allows us to arrive at something that people love.  Our studio has the team members, expertise, and equipment to quickly bring a concept from idea to prototype, and into the hands of patrons for user testing in a feedback loop.  Once we iterate through different versions of a product, we can begin small-scale manufacturing and roll that product out and into our venues around the world. 

We encourage our team to operate with a Growth Mindset and learn from failure, as it is often at times more instructive than success.

We don't just make potions!

We now have an online shop, selling everything from wands to cocktail kits to kids subscription boxes, each one designed to make your life more magical!

Cocktail Kit
Wizard Lamp
Do you even wizard shirt
Wand Styles
Student Subscription Box