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Wizard-inspired Immersive Potion-Making Experience with Vault Speakeasy & Restaurant Opens in Iconic 10,000 sq ft Chicago Bank

The Cauldron opens its largest US location yet on Division Street in Wicker Park with working magic wands and molecular cocktails to make you a wizard in real life!

The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch

February 28th, 2023 (Chicago) - The Cauldron, a name that brings fantasy to life in food & beverage spaces around the world, is opening its third location in the United States on Division Street in Wicker Park on May 4th, 2023.  

The Cauldron Chicago is a 10,000 sq ft. former bank will boast a ticketed Potion-Making Experience, a walk-in restaurant & bar with weekly programming, a unique gift shop, and a wizard-themed speakeasy hidden inside the venue’s safety deposit bank vault. 

The Cauldron’s signature, immersive Potion-Making Experience combines working magic wands crafted using proprietary technology at The Cauldron's workshop in London (UK) with science-based drinks that bubble, smoke, and change color.  It’s akin to a cocktail-making workshop meets an escape room using magic wand tech.

Tickets and gift vouchers for the award-winning Potion-Making Experience for adults and kids (corporate/group rates also available) are now on sale at Sessions start at $31.99 per ticket and include three drinks, magical materials, and supplies. 

“We want our customers to have fun when they visit The Cauldron. We are creating a place of laughter, and enjoyment, where you get the feeling of being a kid again,” said The Cauldron co-founder Matthew Cortland.  “We can’t wait to open in Chicago.”

Co-founder David Duckworth remarks "We’ve developed a competitive cocktail program specifically for Chicagoans that speaks to lovers of fantasy, science, and craft cocktails. We are incredibly excited to open our doors and launch a product that Chicago hasn't yet seen,".

The Cauldron Chicago’s venue provides five spellbinding elements: 

1. “The Potion-Making Experience” - A 1 hour and 45-minute class that draws inspiration from fantasy novels and magical lore. Upon arrival, guests receive a wizard robe, and a magic wand imbibed with patented IoT technology to brew drinkable elixirs with fantastical properties. 

  • The class involves Spellcasting 101— where guests acquire their welcome drink via the glittering head of a unicorn, dragon, or phoenix.

  • Our wizards are then seated at their interactive workstation equipped with a cast-iron cauldron, potions instructions, and ingredients to brew two illuminating, bubbling, and smoking drinks to enjoy - all with assistance from your very own Potions Master.

  • Customers are encouraged to bring a copy of their favorite childhood book to donate, which will be collected into sets and provided to local Chicago schools.  Chicago-area teachers can apply here to receive a classroom library set or to schedule a field trip.

  • The Potion-Making Experience is vegan and vegetarian, and can also be enjoyed as an alcohol-free experience for customers who choose so, or for patrons under the age of 21. It is mainly an adult experience, but there are specific time slots and days for groups that include customers ages 7-21.  These times lots are displayed once an “under 21” ticket is selected on our booking system.

2.“The Vault” - An alchemy-style, wizard-themed bank speakeasy located inside the bank’s notorious safety deposit vault, which will serve a range of signature molecular cocktails that showcase science—the magic of our world.  These cocktails are designed by The Cauldron co-founder David Duckworth and team of “Magicineers” to excite and strike at the heart of the fantasy fandom in Chicago.

  • Customers can opt to use a coin of The Cauldron’s own wizard currency, which is handed to the vault’s bank teller in exchange for a magic wand-poured cocktail.  The coins have embedded tech inside of them to enable magic wands to activate the drink taps.

  • Unique cocktails include “The Wizard of Menlo Park”—a Thomas Edison-inspired ginger cocktail that shoots plumes of smoke into the air, “The Ode to Mullica”—a bourbon and maple cocktail served in a smoking bell jar and “The Blob”—an aloe and tequila cocktail with an expanding head.  All drinks are made to be interactive and feature different effects—fire, ice, smoke, spherification, expansion, color change, clarification, and even love. The Cauldron's love potion, “Damiana's Charm,” uses Damiana—a natural aphrodisiac as a sprinkled raspberry garnish.  The concept's British roots are showcased in “The Cauldron Stiff Tea”—Earl Grey, orange marmalade, and gin.

3. Full-service Restaurant and Bar

  • The Cauldron’s walk-in bar and restaurant will also bring Chicagoans a selections of British comfort food with a fantasy twist. The Fish & Chips bubble and smoke with sea salt vapor, and the Cauliflower Cheese is served on fire and extinguished with liquid ribbons of English white cheddar. The Elven Bread is a warm, freshly baked string-tied loaf of sweet bread wrapped in banana leaves, presented on a wooden log with a side of homemade lavender-honey yogurt dip. Delectable desserts include Treacle Pudding, Turkish Delight, or the Eton Mess—a hodgepodge of cream, strawberries, and meringue that is guests break down to "make a mess."

4. Specialty Programming and Events - The Cauldron Chicago’s many rooms are perfect for private hires for large groups and special events.  Additionally, there will be weekly events for DJ nights, Drag Performances, Geeky Pub Trivia, and Mario Kart tournaments.  

5. “Tomes & Trinkets” - The Cauldron’s gift shop sells magical products, supplies, and gifts displayed on magic wand-activated retail shelves.  Wonders available include everything from real-cast iron cauldrons, ink and quill sets, magic wands, and The Wizard Smart Switch, The Cauldron Co.’s Magic Wand-activated Smart Plug, allowing customers to make electrical items at home magic wand-controllable… putting imagination into action.

In celebration of the Chicago grand opening, the venue will be selling a limited number of "Everlasting Wands" for customers to have their honorary wizard names displayed on plaques in the space forever. These can be purchased in advance online here and customized or given as a gift.

The Cauldron is located in the Wicker Park area of Chicago on the corner of Division and Ashland with easy public transport access from the Division CTA station located less than a 1-minute walk away. 

Opening hours will be Tuesday-Sunday starting at 5pm with extended weekend hours.

To book tickets visit

Follow us on Instagram - @thecauldronpub and Facebook - @thecauldronpub

About The Cauldron Co.

The global Cauldron concept was founded by David Duckworth and Matthew Cortland, a British and American duo that combine their backgrounds in molecular mixology and technology development to create The Cauldron Co., an entertainment brand that brings magic to life with science, technology and design.  The Cauldron is a queer-founded company focused on creating fun, fantastical experiences and inclusive spaces for all of its patrons.

The Cauldron Chicago is the third (and largest) US venue to open following its hugely successful NYC and Philadelphia openings. The Cauldron also has locations in London, Edinburgh, and Brighton as well as an online eCommerce shop that sells magic wand-interactive smart home and educational products. 


Ryan Tindall, Media Relations

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