Wizard Afternoon Tea

A bewitching afternoon tea experience where you use working magic wands to brew interactive teas and taste fantastical treats. It’s a feast for all the senses!

Wizard Afternoon Tea

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Reservation Types

1) Arcane Wizard's Afternoon Tea: Our signature Afternoon Tea experience for everyone ages 12+. Details here.

2) Little Wizard's Afternoon Tea: Our signature Afternoon Tea experience for magical beings under the age of 12. Details here.

3) Private Hires and Events: More info for hen parties, birthday parties, and special events can be found here.

Please note that age restrictions are strictly enforced. For more details please click

Wizard Afternoon Tea at The Cauldron® Edinburgh is a social-distance friendly, interactive tea-brewing experience where you step into the imagined worlds of your childhood through the subtle science of tea brewing, molecular gastronomy, and technology.  It has been specially designed for social distancing!

Spell Casting: After selecting your magic wand, you are led to an interactive work station where you cast spells with your wand to control your tea stand and open your locked puzzle chest, which contains your ingredients. 

Tea Brewing: During your time with us you will brew two different types of interactive teas, the first of which focuses on transfiguration and second of which has been designed to encourage experimentation and iteration for finding the perfect blend for your palette.  You can expect to be hands-on with your tea and use all of your senses. 

Confectionary Delights: Your Wizard Afternoon Tea Experience includes a carefully curated selection of scones, sandwitches, and desserts.  These may be items you've never tried or even heard of before, and we've baked molecular gastronomy into this other-worldy tea experience!

Optional Add-ons: Add a glass of bubbly (literally bubbles), a pot of blossoming tea, a signature molecular cocktail, bubbling shots of death, or a drink summoned from the mouth of a magical creature with your magic wand.  These are not included in your ticket price but can be purchased for an extra cost during your full visit.

Wizard Afternoon Tea is a non-alcoholic experience, but alcoholic libations can be purchased at an additional cost.  Vegan and Gluten-free versions of Wizard Afternoon Tea are available, and must be requested in advance and at the time of booking, as additional preparation is needed.  This is a timed experience, and so we want to make sure everything is set and ready for you to sit down and enjoy your time with us!

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Arcane Wizard's Afternoon Tea tickets are for anyone ages 11+ and include:

1) magic wand and equipment rental,

2) two interactive teas that you brew,

3) curated selection of scones, sandwitches, and desserts, and

4) the 1hr 45min interactive experience.

☆   ☆   ☆

Little Wizard's Afternoon Tea is a paired-back offering with only one tea and smaller portion sizes of food.  Children below age 11 are also welcome to do the Arcane Wizard's Afternoon Tea, which has larger portion sizes and two interactive teas.

Please note that age restrictions are strictly enforced. For more details please click here.

Little Wizard's Afternoon Tea tickets are for anyone below age 11 and include:

1) magic wand and equipment rental,

2) one interactive tea that you brew with the help of your adult,

3) child-sized selection of scones, sandwitches, and desserts, and

4) the 1hr 45min interactive experience.

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Gift Tickets

Check out our Gift Tickets and e-Ticket Vouchers (with no expiry date!). If you have any questions about tickets or bookings please contact us at thecauldron.io/contact/support

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Safety & Social Distancing in these dark times

Witches and wizards, please be alert to the current climate.  We are doing everything in our powers to ensure a safe, clean, and fun environment for our customers and staff.

Upon arrival and before entry, we will require each member of your party to submit their information to facilitate effective contact tracing should it prove necessary.  This information will only be shared with the relevant government body in the event of a public health crisis.

Read about what we are doing to keep you safe whilst within our walls. Our aim is, and has always been, to bring magic into the world.  We feel this mission more strongly now more than ever⁠—we all could use a little pick me up. We appreciate your support at this unusual time and look forward to seeing you soon for a cuppa!

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  • Arcane Wizard’s Tea Cost (aged 12+): £35.00 per ticket 
  • Little Wizard’s Tea Cost (aged 11 and under): £19.00 per ticket 

Warning: Teas are hot and may contain caffeine.

All prices, experiences, information and offerings are subject to restrictions, change or cancellation without notice.

Please note that Wizard Afternoon Tea is largely self-guided, but a potion’s master is on-hand to make sure that you don't turn yourself into a frog!

To limit customer-to-customer contact during this time, robes will not be provided upon entry.  New robes may be purchased for use and to take home while supplies last, but we've decided to temporarily suspend our robe-to-borrow program.  We hope you understand, as our primary concern is your safety.


Alcohol may be purchased at an additional cost for any person of legal drinking age and above ONLY (18+) and may require valid photo ID. 

All people aged 12+ must choose the "Arcane Wizard's Afternoon Tea" ticket type, but children may select the "Arcane Wizard's Afternoon Tea" Experience for larger potion sizes. 

Individuals aged 12+ are able to attend an Arcane Wizard's Afternoon tea without adult supervision.  Should any member of the party be aged 11 or under, they must be an accompanied by an adult aged 18+.

A maximum of 4 people younger than age 18 may be left unattended. 

Children aged 12 and under may not be left unattended at any time and require their adult be present at all times and for the duration of their booking. This is a largely self-guided experience and children require their adult's assistance.  Solo children will not be permitted to remain on premises—we will turn them into toads.

Wizard Afternoon Tea

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