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Welcome, and thank you for buying one of our paint-your-own wand kits! Here you'll find a selection of video and pdf tutorials to replicate any of our classic wand designs! Wandmaker India will show you how to prepare your wand, and then guide you through the process of painting it in a light, vibrant or dark style. There are also a couple of bonus tutorials at the end in case you want to make your wand even more personal!

Good luck!


Preparing your wand

Use the sandpaper supplied in the kit to lightly sand off any rough sections on the shaft of the wand, and to smooth the tip. Ensure you are holding the wand by the shaft, not the handle, whilst doing this to prevent snapping the shaft by applying too much pressure. Then lay the sandpaper on a hard flat surface, rough side up, and sand the base of the wand handle by dragging it across the sandpaper in circular motions. Apply a good amount of pressure when doing this, and make sure you are holding the handle of the wand, not the shaft. Once you are happy with the texture of the wand, wipe off any sanding dust with a damp cloth and you are ready to begin painting.

Light style

Vibrant style

Dark style

Written tutorials

Prefer a written format, or want to print it out? Find our pdf tutorial here

Bonus tutorials

Shadow Sorcerer Wand

Magical elven forest wand

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