Welcome, and thank you for buying one of our Vodka gin sets! Here you'll find a selection of videos to create our unique infusions! Our head of potions, Dave, will teach you how to prepare, mix and present your cocktails with a magician's touch. A great thing to make with a partner at home or enjoy with a loved one - even over video chat. In these dark times, everyone can use a pick me up.


Video Tutorials

Vodka Botanical Infusion | Raspberry and Vanilla Vodka

Ready for more?

Vodka Botanical Infusion | Lapsang and Black Pepper

Word of warning

We advise to only leave your infusion steeping for 3 days at a maximum- you should strain your spirit of its dried ingredients with the provided filter before returning it to the artisan bottle. Don't let potions become poisons!

Looking for more classes?

We have a 3 month subscription kit with a multitude of recipes and engraved bottles!

Purely Potions!