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Welcome Wizard! Follow these steps to assemble and program your own locked Wizard Chest with a changeable code that can only be unlocked with your magic wand!

Parts included

Below shows all the parts required for the Wizard Chest. There is a top, bottom, front, 2 sides, and a back.

Your front panel has a a transmutation circle engraved on it and a USB wire coming from it, and the top is engraved with The Cauldron.

Tools Required

  • Our Magic Wand (you should already have)
  • Glue (not included).  You can use a wide range of glues that work with wood, such as wood glue or PVA glue.  Only use superglue under the direct supervision of an adult.
  • Small screwdriver (not included)
  • 5v USB wall port or charger (not included)
  • Tape (recommended)

Finished result

With the flick of your wand, you will have complete magical control of your Wizard Chest!

Enjoy storing your enchanting potions and secret recipes :)

New let's build!

Step 1: Before gluing your box together, put all of the panels together to see how they fit.

Step 2: Start by gluing the front panel to the base, making sure that you put glue on all interconnecting edges except the top facing edges where the lid sits.

Step 3: Next add the two sides panel which are the same, again make sure to put glue on all interconnecting edges.

Tip: use tape to hold the panels together until the glues sets.

Step 4: Add the back panel with the slot for the USB cable at the bottom left corner. You can push the cable neatly alongside the box walls and glue it in few places to help with strain relief.

Step 5: Attach the lid to the back panel with the screws provided.

your Wizard chest is now assembled!  Make sure you wait for the glue to dry and set before embarking on spellcasting.

Using your Wizard Chest

Magical being, are you ready for some spellcasting?

Step 1: First thing's first, your Wizard Chest needs power in order to work. To power it, plug in the USB cable into any 5v USB port or charger that you have.

Step 2: In order to unlock the chest you have to tap the Greek letters engraved on the front panel with the tip of your magic wand in a specific sequence.

The default sequence is Λ-Ω-Σ-Λ.

When you tap in this sequence the lock will illuminate and your chest will open!

Advanced Spellcasting

You can change the unlock spell sequence to any four letter combination.

Step 1: Unplug the power.

Step 2: Place your wand tip at the letter Λ and then plug the power back in.

Step 3: When the keyhole starts flashing remove your wand from the letter Λ.

Step 4: After the keyhole stops flashing, tap the Greek letters in the order that you want your spell sequence.  Your code is 4 letters long.

Step 5: After the fourth tap the chest will unlock.  This sequence of four taps is your new spell.

Tip: If you forget your password you can always reset it by repeating these steps!

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