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Wizard survival kit tutorial

Welcome, and thank you for buying our wizard survival kit! Here you'll find a series of written and video tutorials to help you paint your wand and then assemble, paint and program your dragon egg. There are also links for code you can download at the end.

Have fun!


Step 1: Paint your wand

Visit our 'Paint Your Own Wand' page here to learn how to paint your wand! 

Step 2: Assemble your dragon egg light

Step 3: Paint your dragon egg and nest

Step 4: Change the colour of your dragon egg light

Written tutorials

  1. Wand painting instructions here
  2. Dragon egg assembly instructions here
  3. Dragon egg painting instructions here
  4. Dragon egg programming instructions here


Single colour mode

Click here for code to make your dragon egg lamp light up with whatever colour you like!

Single colour pulse mode

Click here for code which will make your dragon egg lamp pulse a single colour!

Rainbow colour mode

Click here for code which will apply a rainbow animation to your dragon egg lamp!

Looking for your next project?

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