Potion Making

An immersive cocktail class where you don a cloak, wield a working magic wand & use molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs.

Potion Making

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If you'd like to show your love for all things magic then you can still purchase a voucher (Currently at a discounted rate to say thanks for your support!) to one of our magical experiences for when we are back up and running! This voucher does not have an expiration so there is no rush for you to use it.

***As mandated by the city of New York, The Cauldron NYC is currently closed for walk-in trade. 

We are a small business working hard to bring magic to life in a way that has never been experienced before, we appreciate your support at this unusual time. Thank you! ***

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Potion Making at The Cauldron NYC is an immersive class where you step into the imagined worlds of your childhood through molecular mixology and technology.

After donning a robe and receiving a magic wand, you are led to an interactive work station where you cast a pouring spell to receive a pint of craft beer, house-made cocktail, or mocktail.  Our beer of the season is called 'The Magic Circle' and is a collaboration with Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn. It uses ingredients found in real magical history-- Agrimony, Lemon peel, and Ginger-- and is only found at The Cauldron.  Our cocktail and mocktail is poured from the maw of a magical creature. Please note that all magical creatures have donated their bodies to science.

You then choose two potions to brew from our range of molecular cocktails, each of which have different traits and effects.  Our interactive drink menu is regularly updated and additional drinks can be purchased during your visit.

All potions can be made with or without alcohol and we have a range of vegan and gluten-free drinks available.

Tickets include 1) a welcome drink that you pour (beer, mixed cocktail, or mocktail), 2) two molecular cocktails that you brew, and 3) the 1hr 45min interactive experience. Please note that the Potions Experience is largely self-guided, but a potion’s master is on-hand to make sure that you don't poison yourself!

Our kitchen is unable to serve potioneers whilst they are in their Potions Class, so if you'd like a meal after your hard work, please be sure to book a table at our restaurant by calling (212) 480-8412. Magical Feast pairing for groups of 6+ can be booked here.

*Ticket prices vary and are subject to booking terms and conditions

TICKET COST DOES NOT INCLUDE GRATUITY. Our potions masters work on gratuity, so if you have a great time, be sure to show your appreciation!



Please note that due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, and the resulting mandated closure of all bars and restaurants across the city from March 17th 2020 onwards, we are unable to guarantee that all reservations will be able to take place at the time and date purchased for, for the as yet uncertain period of closure. Unfortunately we are also unable to issue refunds for purchases made. We would however be delighted to reschedule your reservation for any time slot once the closure order has been lifted and would encourage you to support any of your local businesses as much as possible over this difficult time. Email in to nycsupport@thecauldron.io for more information.

Potion Making

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Potion Making


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