The Cauldron NYC

1. Ticket Terms & Conditions for Potions Experience 

By making a reservation at The Cauldron® you agree to our reservation and cancellation terms.  We wish to thank you for your understanding and co-operation and look forward to welcoming you to The Cauldron Magical Experience®.

Upon arrival and before entry, we may require each member of your party to submit their information to facilitate effective contact tracing should it prove necessary.  This information will only be shared with the relevant government body in the event of a public health crisis.

All purchases are final and non-refundable.  Your debit/credit card details are required for all purchases. These details will be held in a secure PCI-DSS compliant vault.  There is a payment processing fee charged per-ticket at the time of payment. New York City and State Sales Tax is added to the ticket price.  Gratuity is not included in the cost of a ticket.

The Cauldron® Magical Pub & Experience involves the use of our “magic wands,” which will be provided per group booking or in some cases, per guest upon arrival. We require a debit/credit card to rent a magic wand, and that card will be pre-authorized at the time of the wand rental.  Your card is charged automatically for any damage or breakage (deliberate or not) caused to the magic wand. In the event of a skipped bill, the card is charged for the entirety of the bill plus a missing wand fee. There is a $20 fee for broken or damaged wands and a $50 fee for missing wands.  Broken wands must be returned to the staff or a missing wand fee is applied.

The Cauldron® relies upon bookings being honoured by our guests or sufficient notice being given of any requested changes to reservations.  We will send you a reminder email 48 hours prior to your booking at the email used to initially book the tickets.  The Cauldron® is not responsible for an incorrect or misspelled email provided at the time of booking.

Unfortunately we are unable to hold unconfirmed reservations that have not been paid in full.  A booking is not confirmed without a booking confirmation email.

Bookings may be rescheduled if the guest has established contact using the contact form on our website ( with at least 48 hours before the start of the scheduled reservation.  Contact made by other means has no guarantee of reaching The Cauldron® and is insufficient for rescheduling a booking. All re-booking dates and times are subject to availability, which can be checked using the booking calendar shown on the The Cauldron® NYC’s Potions Experience webpage.

Bookings originally scheduled for a Peak day and time can be moved to an Off-peak day and time, but there is no partial refund for switching from Peak to Off-peak.  If you would like to move your tickets from an Off-peak day and time to a Peak day and time, you will be required to pay the difference in ticket price.

Any rescheduled bookings before these dates are still subject to availability. The Cauldron® is not responsible for unavailable booking dates and times.

Customers who purchase tickets separately have no guarantee of being seating together.  If you are linked to another group in the same booking period, please contact us by using the contact form on our website and we will do our best to seat your parties at the same table or as near each other as is possible.

Bookings may not be switched between Cauldron venues around the world.  Each booking is valid only for the venue for which it was originally purchased.

We encourage you to arrive before your Experience begins and enjoy food and drink in our ground floor fantasy-inspired bar and restaurant. 

To enjoy the full Experience we ask that you arrive on time for their Experience.  If you arrive late to your booking, your table will be available until your booking is scheduled to end.  We recommend you give us a call to let us know so we can do our best to prepare the potion-making equipment for an abridged lesson. 


Due to the situation arising from COVID-19, we have implemented additional health and safety measures that are in line with recommended government requirements and recommendations.  In purchasing a ticket to The Cauldron® and/or entering our venue, you are also agreeing to follow these measures.  Failure to do so may result in a denial of entry or a removal from the premises.  These measures will change as guidance and directives from the government change, and may include but are not limited to:

-Maintaining the appropriate social distance as requested by staff

-Wearing masks and/or gloves at all times inside the venue

-Wearing masks and/or gloves at times when you are not seated

-Temperature reading at the door or within the venue

-Required hand washing and/or hand sanitization upon entry

If you appear to be ill or do not pass a temperature reading, you may be denied entry to the venue or removed from the premises. Your ticket may be rebooked for an available date in the future.  If you are with a group, only the ticket of the ill person(s) in question may be rebooked.

If you are ill and have a booking at The Cauldron®, please email us and do not attend.

The Cauldron® reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

2. Peak & Off-Peak Ticket Times


     Thursday: 4:45pm-close

     Friday 5:00pm-close

     Saturday: All Day


     Monday-Wednesday: All Day

     Thursday: Opening- 4:45pm

     Friday: Opening- 4:45pm

     Sunday: All Day

The Cauldron® reserves the right to change these time and date designations at any time.

3. Digital Ticket Voucher Terms & Conditions

Digital gift voucher purchases are final and non-refundable.  Your debit/credit card details are required for all purchases. These details will be held in a secure PCI-DSS compliant vault.  

Gift Vouchers can be purchased for Peak Seatings or Off-Peak Seatings (see Peak and Off-peak Days and Times) and may only be used during those dates and times.  Off-peak tickets can be upgraded to Peak tickets by purchasing a "Level up" for each ticket. Peak tickets may be used for Off-peak times, but no partial refund or form of compensation will be given.

Gift vouchers are sent by email and must be redeemed using the contact form on the location’s webpage or replying to the Ticket Voucher confirmation email.  Gift vouchers redemption is subject to availability. With the exception of Timeless Vouchers, Gift vouchers for The Cauldron® NYC expire one year from the date they were purchased.  The Cauldron® is not responsible for unavailable booking dates and times for Peak or Off-peak seatings.

A debit/credit card will be required upon arrival to secure against our magic wand, which will be provided for use during The Cauldron Magical Experience®.  This debit/credit card will only be charged in the event that the guest has broken or stolen a magic wand.

The Cauldron® reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.


You may pre-order select drinks and merchandise up until the start time of your booking.  Pre-orders that occur after the start time of your booking will not be accepted.  Additional drinks and/or merchandise that are added onto a pre-order purchase will be charged at full price.  Pre-order purchases are non-refundable.

5. COVID-19

Due to the situation arising from COVID-19 and resulting mandated closure of all bars and restaurants in New York City from March 17th 2020 onwards, we are unable to guarantee that your reservation will be able to take place at the time and date for which it was originally made.  At this current time we are unable to issue refunds for purchases made, but would be happy to reschedule your reservation for any available reservation slot available following the 12 month period after the closure order has been lifted.  We do understand that this is a less than ideal situation, and we are actively responding to customer requests and communications sent via the contact form on our website.  As a small business, we are doing our best to respond appropriately to re-booking and refund requests and we ask that you bear with us in this difficult time.  You are important to us.  Please stay safe.

The Cauldron® reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.