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Invest in the Cauldron
Invest in the Cauldron

Our referral program is meant to incentivise our investors to share the good word about The Cauldron’s investment round.  As you refer a friend and they invest, fill in our referral documentation form at the bottom of this page, which will be verified at the end of the investment round.

5 Referrals

Handmade leather magic wand holster in cloth carrying bag.  Our stylish wand sheaths are made from real leather and easily strap to your arm so you can hide your wand beneath your robes.  Whether you need a wand wrist holster for magical dueling or just need somewhere to put your wand during parties, these high quality sheaths are a fantastic choice.  Vegan alternative available. 

10 Referrals

Your name inside The Cauldron London.  These investors will live forever through the power of literature. Each will choose an original title for their own fantasy book, which will be written on the spine along with the investor’s name (as author), and housed on our feature bookshelf inside The Cauldron London.

20 Referrals

We send you a handmade wooden broomstick that is especially made for this investment round.  Made by a witch just outside London!

40 Referrals 

You are invited to Behind the Magic, a day in London where we explore all of the hidden aspects of The Cauldron.   Visit our “magicineering” studio in East London, where you will see our workshop where we make magic real.  Explore the engineering and props departments with some hands-on making before heading to The Cauldron London for a private potion making workshop with our Master Potions instructor.  Enjoy a sit down meal with the founders and geek out!

One-of-a-kind Wand

At the end of the round, our top 7 referrers will make their own unique magic wand.  Meet with our 3D sculptor to design the wand of your dreams, which we will print & imbibe with our magic wand technology.  We lock the designs away after we make your wand so that your specific design can never be made again!

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+the Company reserves the right to ask you for an alternative book name should it be deemed inappropriate or alternative wand designs if needed to meet specific criteria.

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