Matthew Cortland & David Duckworth


Matt and Dave are the founders of The Cauldron. Dave is a molecular mixologist and cocktail experience designer who has been involved in setting up and running some of London't premier interactive cocktail experiences.  Matt is is a technologist, product designer, and former reading teacher with a background in tech startups, hardware, software, and design.


Travis Davis


Travis Davis is an engineer, medical device designer, and lifelong tinkerer, who likes to couple his imagination with the mechanical world. He worked at NASA for a number of years, where he is a rocket engine valve design and test engineer.  Travis holds an advanced degree in bioengineering and biomedical engineering from Trinity College Dublin and an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. His education began in a one-room schoolhouse in rural South Dakota and he was raised on his family's cattle ranch and homestead that spans across South Dakota and Montana, where his family has lived since the American western expansion.

You can read more about Travis here.

Victoria Pearce

Victoria Pearce

Intern- Prop and Set Design

Vix graduated with a Distinction in Character Creation and Technical Effects from the University of Hertfordshire and has since gone on to have 5 years of varied experience in the film industry and further experience in events and theatre. 

Proficient in sculpting, mould making, prop making, costume fx and set dressing, and has plenty of on-set and workshop experience. 

Examples of her work and her CV can be viewed on her website:


Early Hires

The Cauldron is an early-stage technology startup and the team behind The Cauldron will be the backbone of its success.  We are on the lookout for engineers with experience with IoT hardware and software and embedded electronics. We are looking for passionate, creative, and competent individuals who believe in our mission and are excited to build something magical.  Employee share options available.

If you are interested in applying to our company, please visit


The Pub’s Staff

Our staff will first and foremost be fans of the magical universe because we want their enthusiasm and knowledge to enhance your experience. We are now hiring a full-time manager and support staff.  We will seek colourful personalities that add to our team dynamic and the cocktail experience's theme.

For employment opportunities, please visit