We are a technology company that delivers immersive experiences & products through hospitality. We blend science & tech with food & drink.

What began as an idea, two guys, and Kickstarter has now become an international success story, bringing magic (cough science cough) to thousands of non-magical beings around the world.  

Our mission is to make magic real using science, technology, and design-- what we call "The Magic of Things."  Whilst we aren't associated or affiliated with any specific fantasy text (read our disclaimer for more), we strive to actually produce whatever can be made real from fantasy books, movies, tv shows, and video games in a mashup of ideas called The Cauldron Experience.

The Cauldron’s beachhead product is a wizard-themed immersive cocktail-making class that combines working magic wands with molecular mixology in a pre-booked class.

The concept has evolved into a full-service restaurant, pub, and experience space that is ushering in the evolution of hospitality-- interactive food & drink.

The Magic of Things