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The Magic Wand-activated Smart Home has finally arrived

“The Wizard Smart Switch” lets you control electronic items in your home with the flick of a magic wand, and it’s now live on Kickstarter

Some details:

‣Ability to turn ordinary objects magical & control them with a magic wand
‣Includes 3 components: Magic Wand, Runestone and Smart Plug
‣The Magic Wand controls the Runestone, which controls the Smart Plug
‣Wireless range of up to 150 ft
‣Live on Kickstarter for 29 days
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch
The Wizard Smart Switch

July 7, 2022 (LONDON) Aspiring witches and wizards all over the world are rejoicing because magic is finally real.  And YES, you can now control items in your home with a working magic wand. 

“The Wizard Smart Switch” by The Cauldron Co. is an IoT Smart Home Hub—a trio of objects (Magic Wand, Runestone, and Smart Plug) that when combined allows the user to control plug-in electronic items of their choice with the touch of a magic wand.  It’s currently live on Kickstarter for purchase.

The Wizard Smart Switch is essentially a magic wand-activated Smart Plug; the Magic Wand controls the Runestone, which wirelessly controls the Smart Plug.  In this way, items plugged into the Smart Plug, like a bedside lamp, Christmas Tree or electric fireplace can be wirelessly turned on and off with a magic wand.  

The rechargeable Runestone has a wireless range of up to 150ft, making it work from virtually anywhere in a home. Additionally, a person can create multiple magic wand touch-points for any number of Smart Plugs.  For example, if the Smart Plug is connected to a bedside reading lamp or room lights, there could be a magic wand touch-point at the entrance to a bedroom and also on a bedside table.

“When designing the Wizard Smart Switch, our guiding mental image was that of an adult teaching a child to read.  What could be more magical and special than reading your favourite fantasy book together before bedtime, only to then say goodnight and then turning off the lights with a real life magic wand. It’s pure magic,” said The Cauldron Co. co-founder David Duckworth.

The use cases for the Wizard Smart Switch are near limitless; if an item plugs into the wall, it can likely be controlled with the Wizard Smart Switch and magic wand.  Possible uses include controlling: a reading lamp, Christmas tree lights, electronic Menorah, string lights, night light, LED strip, record player, radio, electric kettle, electric blinds, room fan, electronic lock, room lamp, star projector, wall lights, and many more items.

The Cauldron Co. co-founder Matthew Cortland remarked, “It’s important for us that our first IoT magical product is a Magic Wand-controlled Smart Plug because it’s the ultimate product that gives our customers the ability to make almost any object magical.  Your imagination is the limit… which is the point.”

Cortland is a former high school reading and literacy teacher with dual masters degrees in Education & Social Change and Creative Digital Media, and leads The Cauldron Co.’s “magicineering” studio that has invented this latest piece of wizard tech.

The backing tiers on Kickstarter include enough wizard tech to control a single room, a multi-room apartment or an entire house.  For those customers who already own one of The Cauldron Co.’s magic wands, there is an option to purchase just the Runestone and Smart Plug without the magic wand (as all of their existing interactive wands work with this product).

The product can be found here on Kickstarter with a starting price of £56 ($70), and will ship in time for the 2022 Holiday Season.

In addition, The Cauldron Co. announced that £5 of every Wizard Smart Switch purchase on Kickstarter will go toward the establishment of The Cauldron Foundation—the charitable arm of The Cauldron Co., which will support causes that align with its mission of creating an inclusive magical community, and with a focus on supporting trans people, girls in STEM and education.

More information can be found at  

About The Cauldron Co.
The Wizard Smart Switch is the latest innovation in wizard tech from The Cauldron Co., the global entertainment studio that produces and operates brands such as The Cauldron and The Wands & Wizard Wizard Exploratorium, the popular, tech-fueled and wizard-themed immersive experiences in cities around the world.

Chetna Sabnani, Media Relations