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We are pleased to announce our 2018 Internship Program!  As we prepare to open our doors in March, we are looking for interns in a few different areas.  If you or someone you know may be interested, please get in contact .  Deadline to apply is Sunday, January 21st.  There may still be opportunities after this date, so if this looks interesting to you, please just pop us an email.

We are looking for self-starters who already have a strong idea of what they are doing and are looking to get some industry experience.  Interns will tackle projects that are interesting, measurable, visual, and make for good portfolio work.  We welcome people who can solve challenging problems, self-start, and who are not afraid to be themselves. If this sounds like you, please get in contact!

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Marketing & Advertising

We need to get the word out about tickets through digital advertising and social media.  This is a broad task that occupies a space between somewhere between brand building, marketing, and advertising, and an internship could hit on just one or more of these components.  Some tools that you would use: social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), Canva, Buffer, Mailchimp, Adwords.


We gotta sell some tickets!  A sales intern would look at how we can reach our target customer and focus on driving those sales through the roof.  Some tools that you would use: Mailchimp, Adwords, Facebook & Instagram ads,, Leadiro, and Pipedrive.

IoT Hardware Design

We are creating an immersive experience that uses embedded technology to simulate magic.  Kind of like an advance escape room that uses a ton of embedded tech.  You will be assembling IoT hardware and embed it in a variety of objects.  You can expect to solder, screw, saw, and make some cool stuff that works with a magic wand!

IoT Software Design

Do you use Arduinos and Raspberry Pis?  Good!  Get in contact.

Graphic Design & Videography

We have a potions book to make and moving photos to record.  For graphic design, you should have a strong understanding of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.  For Videography, you should know how to shoot and edit video.  Premiere Pro and After Effects is ideal.

Prop Making & Set Design

We are building the interior of an immersive magical experience.  If you are good with your hands and have experience building sets, in construction, or making props, this is for you!

Got an idea for something else?

If you feel like you can contribute something and have an idea about how, we all all ears!  Please drop us a line :)


Meet our current, amazing interns!

Victoria Pearce

Victoria Pearce

Intern- Prop and Set Design

Vix graduated with a Distinction in Character Creation and Technical Effects from the University of Hertfordshire and has since gone on to have 5 years of varied experience in the film industry and further experience in events and theatre. 

Proficient in sculpting, mould making, prop making, costume fx and set dressing, and has plenty of on-set and workshop experience. 

Examples of her work and her CV can be viewed on her website: