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150,000 meals for frontline workers

To say that this has been a very challenging time for people and businesses around the world is an obvious understatement.  As healthcare and front line workers put their lives at risk each and every day, the human aspect of COVID has never been more real.  Families are losing loved ones and it’s easy to feel helpless.

In hospitality we see this manifest through the temporary closure of restaurants and bars for public health & safety.  It has meant furloughs, layoffs, and extremely difficult and oftentimes impossible situations for both employees and business owners. It’s a hard time all around, but in these times it’s important to remember exactly what is in our locus of control and how to gently widen it.

As New York City works hard to flatten the curve, our team at The Cauldron® NYC, which is led by our dynamite Head Wizard Cathal, has found a way to give back to the community while also keeping a handful of our staff members employed and a team of volunteers active and engaged in something that is providing an immediate impact.

The NYC team is making up to 24,000 meals per week for front line workers and families in New York City through World Central Kitchen's #ChefsForAmerica food relief program.  They started small and soon began using the kitchens from not only The Cauldron, but from our sister restaurants on Stone Street: Becketts, The Dubliner, and Route 66.  To date, they have made over 150,000 meals!  They are supported in this effort by Katzman’s Produce in the Bronx, which generously donates the fresh produce needed for these meals.

Meals for Frontline workers in NYC

Meals for Frontline Workers in NYC

Meals for Frontline Workers in NYC

Meals for Frontline Workers in NYC

Meals for Frontline Workers in NYC

We are doffing our wizard hats to the terrific work from our team in New York.  To our employees, volunteers (many of whom are our regulars), and businesses in New York that are donating food and participating in this effort, thank you.  Thank you for spending your time and attention during this period of uncertainty by doing something that is making a human impact.  Thank you to our frontline workers for putting yourselves and your families at risk to help some of the most vulnerable in New York. 

You are all keeping the magic alive, even in these dark and difficult times.

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