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Magical G&T Kit


Kit Includes:

  • Luxury engraved glass goblet
  • 50ml Gin (one serving)
  • Tonic water
  • Dehydrated citrus fruits
  • Juniper Berries
  • 2 x Magical hex bags (Butterfly Pea Flower Tea-the colour changing element)

Kit Does Not Include (but requires):

  • Ice

Important Info:

  • This recipe yields 1 serving.


1. Ensure you have removed all items from your glass, and give the glass a good wash before use.

2. Place one magical hex bag inside the glass, and pour over 50ml of gin.

3. Using a spoon agitate the hex bag by stirring and pressing it gently against the inside of the glass until the liquid has turned dark blue. Leave to sit for another minute then remove the hex bag and discard.

4. Add plenty of ice to the glass, then once you have a captive audience of onlookers, top up with approx. 100ml of tonic water and observe the magical colour change. Garnish with juniper berries & dehydrated citrus fruits and enjoy!

Written tutorials:

To see the Garnish Guide, click the link to our PDF version here.